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Words like violence, break the silence....
come crashing in into my little world,
Painful to me,
peirce right through me,
words are meaningless and unforgettable....

This site is basically dedicated to all the poems i've wrote over the past 2 or 3 years ^_^;
Please do NOT steal or 'borrow' any of these poems as i spent alot of time and blood on these and if you really want to use these on any other site then ask permission first and then give credit where credits due. ^_~
WARNING: This site contains  images which may be upsetting, disturbing, contain traces of blood and gore and it may freak out some viewers so the squeamish shhould be warned and the none squeamish ENJOY.
(none of the pictuers are by me...) XD


Love is Suicide
All the broken tears i've cried,
This emotion rollercoaster ride,
All the invisable times i'd sighed,
All the hurt from those who lied,
The times i'd tried to run and hide,
The times i wished that i had died,
made me realise.....
Love really is SUICIDE.


I may not keep you Updated often but I'll try ^_~
13/11/07: wrote a new poem yesterday based off a secret form post it's kinda sad because in a way it's true. It hasn't got a name yet.
09/08/07: wow this sites been going awhile now XD and i'm  hungry. But anyway!! Another new poem, 'The prettiest girl in the morgue'. I'm not sure about this one but oh well XD might get edited at a later date
13/07/07: wow so long since last one!! and it's friday 13th!! Got a new poem, 'Theatrical sin' which wrote today during my free at school. Check it out, as always in deep poem section
14/03/07: man year going quick! wrote a poem slightly different from before today... just wrote what came into my mind.
27/02/07: happy new year btw! Lol new poem added, of course to the deep section. Please enjoy =) but don't steal!
30/9/06: yes i know i need to update pictures lol. I'll get round to it one day. ANYWAY i wrote a new poem today, based on some stuff i read in the crow comic but basing it around my new rpg character. Enjoy. I shalt clal it 'her' coz i'm not creative right now.
17/9/06: been awhile but two poems are up in the 'deep' section. Lol sorry about the wait but we're back up and running now.
14/02/06: valentines day. added deep poems section for those poems that are just a bit gooder than the others. ;)
7/11/05: write 3 new poems, alone with my addiciton (heartbreak section) fading in the darkness (random section; explainedhow i felt recently) and fighting depression in the suicide bit .
8/9/05: aded a poem called sick and twisted but i forgot to give it a title ^_^; anyway it's in the random section ^-^ expressing my feelins about what happened on friday,saturday and sunday...
14/8/05: Poem called 'i...' been added to sad section as i felt weird today 0-o and didn't know where else to put it
5/8/05: Added a poem called 'eveyone feels loneliness' to the sad poems because i didn't know where else to put it ^_^;
2/8/05: added poem called my real life nightmare to the suicide section
31/7/05: added poem called one of those days... it reflects how yesterday was to me >_> most unluckiest day of my life
17/7/05: Added poem called Veins to the suicide page
30/6/05: Added a poem called 'Screaming' to the random section
29/6/05: Added a poem to the sadsection. I like it alot so go check it out. I wrote this poem because i was thinking of if i ever died, how i could appologise to everyone.
14/6/05: another poem added to the suicide page.
8/6/05- added another poem to the suicide page... it's small but i wrote it today in french so... go see ^.^
5/6/05- Added something new to every page except 'death and happy poems' so go check it out ^_^;
2/6/05- most of the poems have now been added. One is repeated twice somewhere i know. ^_^;
30/5/05- Made the site
31/5/05- added pictures and poems to most of the pages.


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