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These are poems that won't go anywhere else ^_^;
poor little poems lets give them a home XD

I'm tired of everything, my whole life is organised out,
This never ending cycle, full of pain, unhappiness and doubt.
Everyday, everything is set out, i'm trapped in this line,
I want to break free of routine, live this life of mine.
I want to be with those i Love, those i adore,
I want to do something different,want my freedom more.
This cycle goes on, more of that endless lie,
It'll forever go on, trapped until the day I die.

You think life's unfair to you,
How about the others that have suffered too?
Jesus on the cross who died,
to save the souls of many who lied,
Peope who don't know the law,
who kill others rich or poor,
You think that your life is that bad,
Compared to others you should be glad!
Anne Boleyn executed because she wasn't the best,
Homeless people on the street and the rest,
and the trapeze artist with the peanut butter hand,
Plunging to her fate, things not going as planned.
To be kicked out, excluded from a gang,
is not as bad as having to hang,
For someting you believe in or accussed of to be,
False accussations, 'witches' hanging off a tree,
So before you say "life's unfair"
Ponder this poem and consider it with care.

Blood roses
(edited version)
sly, tangling, webs of thorns and deceit,
Crimson silk dresses, all trimmed and neat,
Creeping through the garden, out towards the gate,
There they lie, ready to pounce, in wait.
Wrapping themselves in people's hearts,
Thorns sharp like poisonous darts,
Letting the darkness flow within,
Poison, lies, is where to begin.
Spindly, blindly, persuing more prey,
Sucking the happiness out of the day,
Showing their delicate colour in the light,
But there true colour have spikes that bite!
Poking at fingers, jabbing at toes,
Watching gleefully as red liquid flows,
Laughing and drinking the scarlet gold,
shrinking back as the day grows cold.
Night falls, all is asleep,
Time to close up the murderous streak,
shutting the petals, closing the eyes,
Blood roses grow stronger as the time flies.

Theres nothing!
There is no heaven,
There is no hell,
The prisons are mansions,
Theres no church bells.
Theres no life,
 theres only pain.
The deaths all around,
Thee no sun, only rain.
There is nohope,
There are no dreams,
The life all around us,
Is not what it seems.
There is no love,
therss only lies,
There never was a welcome,
Only the last goodbyes.

Labyrinth of life
(edited down version)
I walk from moments in a daze,
But everywhere i turn to,
Another corner in this maze,
To seek the meaning that is true.
Beginnings come from each new turn,
But the finish is never found,
What lessons in life do we need to learn,
before we touch back to the ground?
If we walk around to horizons end,
We'll only find another one,
If we turn around this next bend,
will our hope be turned and gone?
Will we be lost forever,
Will we ever find our way?
The answer may be yes or never
as come the end of another day.
The moon shines along the road,
But without ever knowing,
The path that i followed
Will help me keep on going.
This web that has been weaving,
along whats true and seeming,
but should i be believing,
that i am only dreaming?
To leave the thread of all time,
To leave the life i had behind,
and let it make a dark line,
In hope the answer i'll still find.
Still looking for the answer gave,
But not knowing the question asked,
As ocean and tides still wave,
telling me this turn may be my last.
It;'s either this or that way,
it's one way or the other,
If this path leads to the next day,
or if it is another.
The turn that i have took,
The turn that i am making,
It's like a fairytale from a book,
That will never be forsaken.
If there so called winning,
Around this coming bend,
I might be just beginning,
I might be near the end.

Dark heart
The rain came out of the blue,
Time gave both dreams and darkness to you,
Spring become autum, leaves become gold,
But inside your heart is always cold.
Noone can promise that dreams come true,
But time gave you darkness that lives inside you,
Dark shadows form around your heartm
and the evil stabs like a poisonous dart,
Time that had passed over them lonely hours,
Slowly and secretly evil devours,
Lonelyness, pain, having no friends,
time has come to settle amends,
binding the life, pocessing the soul,
now you are unable to keep control,
The heart inside, once happy and kind,
Now corruption and death are on your mind.

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this isn't a rhyming poem but it's very weird and i musta been kinda half asleep or high went writing it. ^_^;
The throatless cannot speak, yet they know what we feel,we had the words but they were lost in the mist detail by detailthe living creatures tell but words do not come.
The dead don't see but reach towards us, not by hand but by heart.
If we chose to ignore them god bless us all, if we chose to recieve most shall fall...
to silence.
Let something come from nothing, let nothing be all, you can cover up your face yet how can you conceal your heart? The emotions go forth yet stop at the glass, doomed to a silence it doesn't understand...
Lets reach into our dreams, but don't let the heart hide, give light to the part shading the desire
The past is buried within marble walls of dust stand our guardians the remembrants of gried the lightened night falls the flame...
of silence.

Can't block out this pounding in ym head,
Screaming voices, terrorising my mind,
All those things i should have said,
All those times i'm left behind.
Echoing endlessly, silent shout,
Screaming goes on, never end,
Voices everyhwree, no-ones about,
Forever wonderign when my heart will mend.
Vomiting thoughts in my life,
it no longer has a meaning,
Trying to get out of myself, full os strife,
I can't block out this endless screaming.

"This bleeding heart is full of pain,

I stand outside hell's door again

heaven's gone it never exsisted

i stand alone, sick and twisted

My eyes are bleeding from these tears,

my hands are trembling from my fears

eyes are staring, unfocused misted

the voice in my mind's so sick and twisted

Screaming in silence,wanting it to end,

this broken heart will never mend,

I feel ignored, feeling blacklisted,

I feel like i am sick and twisted

Fading in the darknes

Im fading in the darkness of my mind, I'm fading because i'm left behind, i'm fading in the orner of this room, i'll be gone if no-one notices soon.

I'm fading in tje darkness of my life, i'm fading in the reflection on this knife, I'm fading in my own insanity, i'm fading but no-one helps me.

I'm fading because i need a friend, i'm fading in the darkness neverend,i'm fading in every photograph, and faking every single hollow laugh.

I'm fading behind every shy smile, we all fade once in awhile, but i'm fading forever from your head, i'm fading because inside i'm dead.

One of those days
It's been one of those days again,
Where nothing is going right,
Dreneched in dark fear and the rain,
When all dreams are out of sight.
Everything begins to go wrong,
And there nothing you can do,
Words are choked on your tongue,
Bad things seem to happen to you.
You've finally ran out of luck,
In so many different ways,
Your stuck like a worm on a hook,
Trapped in one of those days.

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