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Sad poems

Bells for her
A ringing across the village square,
Everyone is standing there,
She wasn't known very well,
but everyone can hear her bell.
A horse drawn cart across the stones,
Passing by the village homes,
The bells have their own story to tell,
But now they ring to say farewell.
She may not have been the best or bright,
She may not have been always right,
But now she's gone it doesn't matter,
The bells ring over the pitter patter.
The end of the service, the rain clears away,
the sun came to brighten up the day,
And though the bells are rusty and rotten,
They make sure her memories not forgotten.

Based on some real life experiences....
My Depression destroyed you
(I'm sorry)
If only i knew the effect it had,
If only i hadn't wanted you so bad,
I knew you saw thourgh the marks i hide,
But i didn't know it was killing you inside.
If only I'd of realised how,
Maybe we would be together now,
I saw your sadness and blamed it on me,
'I love you' i sighed to see what your reaction would be.
He whispered and smiled "i love you too"
I told him sadly "if only that were true..."
He turned and walked out of that door,
I wouldn't see him again anymore...
No last kiss to say goodbye,
I didn't see the tears he'd cry,
If only things had gone as planned,
I could have changed, held your hand,
Stopped you from making your own doomed fate,
sealed with my words and both our hate,
My depression and sadness caused you that day,
To take that blade and wash it all away,
I'm sorry i did it, I didn't know,
I wish you were here, why'd ya have to go?
I can't bring you back with all these tears i've cried,
I wish i'd stopped you from committing Suicide....
So many things i wanted to say,
I never did, i'm sorry,
I never wanted to end it this way,
But i never stopped it., I'm sorry.
Can;t stand to see you, hear you speak,
Those words repeating "it's over"
I'm hurting myself, my futures bleak,
Why are you so hard to get over?
I don't know why i can never forget,
These memories that torture my mind,
Why am i always feeling this regret,
I can't push it out of my mind.
I stood at your funeral with silent tears,
How many more times can i say i'm sorry?
It doesn't matter now, gone are those years.
The time i should have told you... I'm sorry.
I'm barely breathing and i say to no-one,
"why doesn't anyone care"
No-ones missing me, I'm going-going-gone,
My friend 'Loneliness' is always there.
You don't cry for me as i cry for you,
You don't miss me, i know,
Plagued with all the things you do,
You forgot me a long time ago.
I cut your name a thousand times and bled,
I'm sleeping less and less,
I'm swarmed with what you never said,
Trapped in my loneliness.
These feelings you can never hide,
as the scars slowly peel,
Feeling cold, dead hollow inside,
But 'Loneliness' everyone feels.

Ghost of a dog
(in memory to Pip,RIP.)
Padding feet on the floor,
scratching noises at the door,
But when opened nothing there,
Just the silence and the air.
Barking from the Broken gate,
Familiar sounds of an old mate,
But gazing out theres just a space,
and of your friend there is no trace.
A swishing of a wagging tail,
A growling as in comes the mail,
Slippers torn across the ground,
But a culpit can't be found.
How cab that dog be in the backyard,
How can it still be keeping guard,
we buried him years ago,
underneath the hedgerow.
How can he still be barking on,
Now that his time on earth has gone,
Yet i can still hear him hanging around,
Though his body's underground.
Hate fills through me everyday,
Remembering that fateful day,
When with one injection, howl and cries,
my best friend slowly dies.
crying inside



Mommy where are you? why am i here?

Why've you left me in this night full of fear?

Mommy you never told me what i did bad?

I didn't do anything ut why are you sad?

Mommy what was that red on dad's head?

why was he so still, playing dead?

what was that bang? why do you cry?

mommy don't leave me, don't say goodbye.

It's cold here and dark, i don't wanna stay,

mommy please do't leave me this way

footsteps are coming, it's too dark to see

who are these people surroundingme?

why are here shadows crawling the street,

killing everyone who they meet?

mommy come back, i'm scared all alone

i wanna be with you, i wanna go home

everyones sceraming and falling to the ground,

mommy where are you when i need you around?

help me i'm frightened, they're heading this way,

mommy don't let them take me away.

I ...

I think about the heartbreak,

I think about the pain,

Thought go hazy in my mind,

Their advice is in vain.

I cut to end my suffering,

I cut to feel real,

This stinging makes me seem alive,

It's all that i can feel.

I cry because i love you,

I cry because i care,

I cry because when i awake,

You will not be there

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