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These poems are probabaly a bit more mysterious than the rest.
(please don't steal them they're not easy to write =(  )
Theres soemthing i have to say:
"40,000 men and women everyday are like romeo and juliette,
40, 000 men and women everyday redefine happiness
and another 40,000 men and woman everyday; we can be like they are"
Nuff said.

Portrait of an angel
With blood painted sins,
that expresses your rage
a picture immaculate
bleeds horizontal from your page .
A scream safe in heaven,
angelic beauty thats faking,
soul secrets in her throat,
as her vanitys breaking.
she smiles sweet surrender,
to mask her fright,
she haunted by phantoms,
and thoughts of endless night.
She fades like apparitions,
in a silent dream she won't wake
her brains seething with venom,
of the dawn that won't break.
A picture of pure poison
of the day that she fell,
trapped in the shadows,
My porcelain angel.
Love and death reunion.
I'm lost in a labrynth,
in the shape of a heart,
a suicide of love,
that tears me apart.
I feel your embrace,
in a heart of stone,
you disappeared in a lie,
and left me alone.
I held loves dust,
in a handful of shame,
promises broken,
haunt me again.
I'm tearing away,
the petals of desire,
burning in water,
and drowning in fire.
Three little words,
and a questions why,
if a rose represents love,
then why does it die?
Your love kept me alive inside
I'm dancing in shadows to the gentle pain of sorrow,
filled with dark intentions of today without tomorrow.
I hold no remorse of you tearing me apart,
trapped in the ruins of the world in my heart.
You freeds me from the hurt to fill it with your pain,
i breathed my life in you for you to waste it once again.
I talk without speaking, to hate providing I fear,
as the fear keeps me searching, as i floated out of here.
I cry without weeping as i face the mirrow on the wall,
screaming for these questions but i already knew it all.
In the mirror i can see the face that lies behind,
she's a stranger to herself, trapped inside her mind.
A black nightengale sings a song echoing in the twilight,
i hear it from my shallow grave, forgotten in the night.
Love can be as cold as grave
Love singing it's sweet song.
but we failed,
to sing along.
we say goodbye to fate.
no avail.
we were too late.
A tomb called my heart.
was torn apart.
Tragedies locked insides
by fear of life,
that keeps us alive.
Love makes us insane.
hearts grave again.
My guardian angel
My guardian angel is crying blood,
a reaping soul so misunderstood.
Heaven ablazes in her eyes,
a divine despair of the poison she cries.
Her heavens a lie to everyone,
the key is missing, forever gone.
Her cure is knocking at your blood,
despair; at the warning you ignore.
Her eyes are red, with devils insides,
She addicted to the pain she hides,
locked from the gates of grace where she'd belong,
my angel sings her envious song,
her message is in the blood she's crying,
we were wrong that immortality never meant dying.
Valentine letter from the broken hearted (ok coudln't think of a great name)
I'll sit in the dark,
and write what i think,
The rose is my pen,
my blood is the ink.
"I miss waking up,
to hear you say it's not alright
my tears are concealed,
and are blinding my sight.
Holding shattered remains
of promised made
love now unchained
is starting to fade.
Memories sharp as daggers
pierce the flesh of my mistake,
I'm killing myself slowely
with every kiss thats fake.
I walk in streets of disorder,
where right never felt so wrong,
and in every strangers eyes,
i know where i belong.
Your engraved upon my soul,
Until my day is due,
yet in my veil of broken dreams,
I'll always love you."
The rose falls down,
the blood it won't seal,
it bleeds over my message.
and hides what i feel.

Your mourning bride

The silhouette of love and death

tonight she paints them red

a sigh of helpless despair on her breath

as she places a hole in her head.

She's free from the fear of tomorrow,

and shes escaped the misery of today.

Those memories she held full of sorrow,

have finally faded away.

She stands. Her hate masked by a veil,

as the priest says,"Forgive and forget"

But she consumed by this rage of betrayal,

and devoured by her past of regret.

she can't understand why her life

and love she could not save.

Her hopes, her dreams of becoming his wife,

were all silenced to the grave.

The black veil hangs over her eyes,

To conceal the pain thats inside.

Her face is stained from the tears she cries,

she's the ghost of your mourning bride.


Everyone elses girl
She's placing her dreams on the shelf
for now they're no longer on loan
tired of being everyone elses girl,
maybe one day she'll be her own.
Those clouds are raining in ehrhead
of all the things she's seen
dazed by what had hapened
and why it could never have been.
She's waiting still with a ring
in a space where romance once grew
it's been destroyed and built over but yet
she can still see it as if it were new...
Tell her that you love her still
this emotion she no longer can feel
whisper to her "i love you"
those words that never were real.
A rose in the rain
A crimson beauty; love and lust,
protect by a veil of pain
tonight it falls, tonight it drowns
tonight it's my rose in the rain.
I've watched it grow, i've seen it bloom,
i've watched it steal my soul,
and now it dives into liquid glass,
for time as taken it's tole.
It rides on shimmering crystals,
and due to it's death the sky cries
crying my hate away forever,
in a shower of forgotten goodbyes.
This ruby seeps away from me
but the memories cease to go,
and i know only one of us sufrers....
yesterdays today... one year ago.
In a world thats always raining blood,
there is a soul that always need to weep,
her spirits consumed with hatred and sorrow
as this demon inside will never sleep
She screams and pounds her head against the wall
Until phantoms pacing is all she can see
pain and hate is all she wants to feel
but never fear. Fears for the enemy.
Her arc's of dreams descend into despair
this split second that she's still grieving
when someone dies you will know emptyness:
to die but to still be breathing.
I can hear this girl inside my mind
you don't understand, i cna't stay calm
as this girl is playing a violin
and the strings are the nerves in her arm....
The ex
I'm watching you but you can't see
That i don't give a damn,
Since your nothing without me
but you don't know who i am.
This sickness called a family
That tore our hopes apart
spiked my mind against me
and you against my heart.
So don't you play to forgive
to the mirror on the wall
I'll let you go, i'll let you live
but i won't catch you if you fall.
yet i know it must be tough
when you can't tell the ace from the duces
and the bones of your sinds are sharp enough
to cut through your own excuses.
Fairytale Mind
and spinning
In circles never ending
an endless ebb of forgotten sorrow
that is drowning the waterfall
constantly raining in her mind.
and lying
In a world not her own
Where her life is spiraling out of reach
and no-one will ever notice....
...who is this screaming inside me?
And crying
didn't anyone tell you?
This wonderland doesn't have a phonr
and the only thing i can give
Is giving up... my thoughts of you.
The past consuming sanity
That never exsisted in my frame
safe within this sick tomorrow
So poisoned... once upon a time.
Theatrical sin
This Endless form of entertainment,
This mindless form of madness
The curtains up; the stage is laid
With cyanide and sadness
The curtain drops, the mask remains
Deep shadows of this fake
Ugly doll that you've got used to
who lives just for your sake.
Clothes display a shape she can't attain
A portrait of perfect tragedy
This girl's a toy, to play, to break
poor soul, you cannot flee.
A weary fear she cannot admit
the string's becomming slack
One incomplete fairtytale
Where there's no turning back
An 'accidental suicide'
"Oh well", now that she's gone
It's like the bastards always say
This show still must go on.
The prettiest girl in the morgue
Oh! What a precious site,
An altar for the dead
"Life's a dream on the way to death"
or so it has been said
This dream is finally over,
She shuts her tearfilled eyes
These selfish delights of mine
Forgot their last goodbyes
Oh! What a precious death
her lips are turning pale
another kodak moment
as the blood is turning stale
I guess she didn't realise
That my love is like fire
she's begging not to burn
but she always was a liar.
It only took one shot
and though the blood did stain
I'll love you always and forever
But ...Never again
I was going to tell you i loved you
But i couldn't swallow my pride
streetlight tears now flood my vision
because on that night you died
My own plastic tears reveal
Reflections from his eyes
-Pain fueled on a vertical scream
Fabricating his goodbyes
This broken record plays
Betraying my heart and soul
I always promised to protect you
But i have failed that goal
Time itself has been frozen
and myself i cna never forgive
as it was i who bought the gun
That you shot yourself with...

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