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Happy poems and Death poems...
yeah coz those things go together well ^_^;

Death poems.

 That place...
I go to that place,
Hidden in my head,
where the cuts are no more,
and the blood wasn't bled,
where people understood,
 the tears that i'd shed
The place i belong,
the place where I'm dead.

The COMPLETELY edited version
You didn't have to go, I'll miss you.
Was she worth losing if it was worth something?
She told me she knew only something she'd know,
If it was worth all the sadness she'd bring....
Wish i could of told her and begged her not to go.
She'd say things are desperate when all the boys can't be men,
Because all the men are as straight... straight as a line,
but then she'd go onto something else again....
she told me that her life was fine...
Because sometimes we all get pushed too far,
but her feet were finally on the ground,
as it's on days like this you know who your friends are.
when lying dead, she was found...
I'm sorry i was never there, I still can't believe your dead....
Your maybe lost in the sunset.... but you're alive in my head....
Words of death
I know how to hurt you,I know what you feel,
I know what is mine,from the lives that i steal.
I know how to talk, i know how to mock,
plenty will die, in my time slot.
I know where to go, I know when to kill,
If i can't take the world, then nobody will.
I'm feeling evil, you should be scared,
When i feel ready, you'll be unprepared.
I can reshape lives, I can destroy the earth,
I know what i want, to bring death from each birth.
People fear me, I can take the world from my foes,
so be prepared to follow me, when your day will come,
You'll meet me at death crossroads, theres no place to run.
I can catch you, be afraid,
Many who have ignored me,
have dearly paid.
So let me come with open arms, let me lead you on,
Soon the time will come, when someday you'll be gone.
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War Soldier
Where the river crosses the lake,
Ever other step we take,
Getting closer to our goal,
Heart beating with our soul.
Fear arising, getting great,
Heading on towards our fate,
Gun shots riping around our ears,
Blood and peoples silent tears.
Another falls besides my side,
Out like a light is gone his pride,
I couldn't help him, just march on,
And he died when i was gone.
I watch so many deaths falling here and there,
Many more bullets through flesh now tear,
Screaming and dying breathes all around,
more innocent bodies on the ground.
Trying to fire through the smoke,
Trying not to breathe incase you might choke,
Bliding darkness everywhere,
Rifles shooting here and there.
Falling down unto the ground,
Deadly quiet without a sound,
Dying slowly, dying in pain...
As the others continue to die in the rain.

Happy based poems

Happiness Drug
Is this happiness or just a dream?,
is this real?... so it may seem,
is this love or just a bliss?
should i fear from what i miss?
PAIN, SUFFERING... did it exsist?
were these marks ever on my wrist?
who gave me this happiness pill,
that makes all tears and life stand still...

What is this?
There no pills around...
There nothing to explain this I feel,
I'm sat staring at the ground,
I can't tell if this is real.
I haven't taken anything,
But a smile is stuck on my face,
I'm laughing at everything,
and of sadness there no trace.
I don't understand, am i going mad?
Everything's still such a mess,
Why have I stopped feeling sad?
Have i finally found my happiness?

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