weakness,myths and other facts
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weakness,myths and other facts

Other facts, Important Information and stuff you didn't know yesterday.

Vampire Traits
From folklore, fiction and my own personal view.

  • Vampires, being already dead, do not need most normal things required for human life, such as oxygen. They often have a pale (for vampires from literature and cinema) or ruddy (for those from folklore) appearance, and are cool to the touch from the perspective of humans.
  • Vampires are sometimes considered to be shape shifters  though this feature is more commonly present in fiction than in the original folklore.
  • Some vampires can fly. Sometimes this power is supernatural, other times it is connected to the vampire's ability to turn into flying creatures (e.g.,bats) or into lightweight forms (e.g. smoke) and then create winds as a means of propulsion.
  • Vampires typically cast no shadow and have no reflection. This mythical power is largely confined to European vampiric myths and may be tied to folklore regarding the vampire's lack of a soul. In modern fiction, this may extend to the idea that vampires cannot be photographed.
  • Some tradititions hold that a vampire cannot enter a house unless he or she is invited in. This concept has been referenced throughout the history of vampire fiction. Generally, however, after the first time the vampire is invited in he or she can come and go as desired.
  • Vampire powers are often limited during the day or in daylight. In some cases sunlight may burn or kill vampires, or they may be comatose during the day.
  • Vampires may be reluctant to enter or cross bodies of water, particularly running water.
  • Some tales maintain that vampires must return to their native soil before sunrise to take their rest safely. Others place native soil in their coffins, especially if they have relocated.
  • Vampires in some tales have very specific dietary requirements while others do not. However, most tales of the undead feature vampires that cannot eat (or at least cannot gain nourishment from) normal human food. In most cases they sustain themselves by sucking living people's blood or life force ; this seems to be a requirement for their continued existence regardless of whether they are able to absorb other food and drink, or gain anything from such.

    Werewolves are sometimes held to become vampires after death, and vampires are frequently held to have the ability to transform themselves into wolves.

  • Apotropaics, or objects intended to ward off vampires, include garlic , a branch of wild rose and all things sacred (e.g.,Holy water)This weakness on the part of the vampire varies depending on the tale. Garlic is confined mostly to European vampire legends. In myths of other regions, other plants of holy or mythical properties sometimes have similar effects.
  • There are three main ways to destroy a typical European vampire: a consecrated bullet, a wooden stake through the heart where two roads meet, or decapitation. This includes other means of death that effectively removes a vampire's head, such as incinerating the body completely.
  • Old folklore from Eastern Europe suggests that many vampires suffered from a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, being fascinated with counting.
  • Vampires Dress elegantly, in usually dark velvet, medieval to victorian style, corsets,lace and Capes sometimes.
  • Many Vampires either believe in God, the Devil, both or are pagan. Some worship the Devil, some believe that they are pleasing god by killing mortals and keeping the good evil balance.


 Weaknesses of vampires

Is said to kill vampires. In many books all vampires seem to burn in the suns rays. Some psychic vampires are sensitive to sunlight. Tthey may burn easily (as in geta  sunburn not set fire) and their eyes may also be sensitive. Many psychic vampires wear sunglasses. The sun seems to take some of their energy away, so they do not like long moments in the direct sun.

Many Vampires are said to hate the smell of garlic and cower from it. No idea why or where this myth came from. It might come from the idea about garlic thinning the blood. So since energy is located in our blood, it would be extremely un-wise for a vampire to eat something that would also thin the energy. Vampires can't stand garlic. If they eat or smell it, it may give them the same symptoms that somebody having an asthma attack would experience or perhaps just a lot of coughing and feeling sick. Also rubbing it on their skin may burn them and leave a rash according to legend.

Running water
This is an unsual one. I'm not sure about blood drinkers but with psychic vampires it is an uncomfortable situation for them to be in. Swimming in the ocean makes them quite uncomfortable, yet a pool or lake is fine. The reason for this is because moving water breaks down the flowing energy cycle and this would make an uncomfortable situation for someone to be in who is sensitive towards energy.

This is more related to werewolves but silver is said to be an inhibiter for vampires, so they mostly use silver as a way of shielding themselves from others emotions, which they can feel as their own. It is also often used in sexual relations to prevent the non-vampire having the life drained from them. Silver dampens or blocks their abilities to a certain degree. Psi-Vampires regard silver as a good or bad thing to wear, depending on the situation.

Amethyst and Aventurine
Many normal vampires are not affected by tthis but these stones are used for protection against psychic vampire attacks. They are mainly used for prevention of astral vampirism, It's also possible to prevent a daylight vampire attack out in the streets with these stones.

Stake through the heart theory

This is meant to kill a vamprie outright. But lets face it, anyone would die is someone stabebd them throguh the heart with a wooden stake.


Vampires are meant to be immortal but in many books i'm read they can be vanquished by fire. How i know not but it's the same principle as the heat of the sun or the light. In some books vampires have come back from being burnt.

Crucifixes and churches

Many vampires are said not to be able to look upon the cross. personally i think this is just myth. Many vampires tend to live in cemmetrys, under church floors etc so if they couldn't look at a cross then why would they enter a church?

Churches are meant to be to holy for vampires to go into. Many avoid them, especially the oens who are more satanic but that doesn't mean it can kill them. There the old legend that they wil be struck dead if they enter the hosue of god but so far no records of these happening can be found.

Thisis mainly disturbing and personally i think it's quite sick compared to the laws the Black Veil layed down.

Vampire cells are basically a group of psychic vampires. They have formed a ring of members that lure and befriend normal people for the purpose of inviting them to a location, under false pretext, and having a ritual referred to as – a group feeding.

The ritual is an energy feeding frenzy.

Alcohol and other substances are readily available and use encouraged, because this would greatly benefit the cells main objective.

When a person is drunk or not quite "with it" due to other substances, then all mental shielding has been eliminated and a person’s energy field can be accessed with complete ease. Think of a coconut without its shell.

When the cell has the first objective taken care of, which is bringing a group of normal people together and breaking down their defenses, they will attempt to turn this exposed energy into something far greater and more pleasing for them to feed from.

The energy field also has our emotions flowing through it, so if the vampires could feed on the energy of someone who is in love, lust and ecstasy, then the experience would be a far greater thrill and highly sort after.

Normally when a vampire feeds, they will choose just about anyone and filter the energy through, without the emotions. This is protecting them from the person they are feeding from, in case they are depressed or sad. The vampire doesn’t wish to feel this way.

So the objective at this point is to create an energy that has high value to it.

Now that this new group of friends has loosened up, the vampires will try to mesmerize them into group sexual relations.

During this period, the energy frenzy will begin.
Several energy fields that have love, lust and ecstasy will now surround each vampire and immerse them in an unbelievable feeling that can never be experienced by normal people who can only feel one, their own. The feelings that the vampires are experiencing are often described as complete euphoria.

Basically the Psychic Vampires are collecting together victims, involving them in some sort of sexual activity or orgy and draining the energy they're giving off during this.

As i said, personally i think it is sick.

we watch and we're always here

We do not change over time, there in lies the irony that finally kills us.