Origin of Vampires

Origin of Vampires
The Black Veil
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Different Types and Definitons
Modern Psychic Vampires
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So how did it al begin?

What Is a Vampire?

Vampires are Mythical or Folkloric creatures, typically held to be the re-animated corpses of human beings and are said to live off the blood or lifeforce (of humans or animals), often having unnatural powers, heightened bodily functions, and/or the ability to physically transform. Vampires are often described as having a variety of additional powers and character traits, extremely variable in different traditions, and are a frequent subject of folklore, cinema, fictions and rumours. 

Vampirism is the practice of drinking blood from a person/animal. Vampires are said to mainly bite the victim's neck, extracting the blood from a main artery. In folklore and popular culture, the term generally refers to a belief that one can gain supernatural powers by drinking human blood.

Where did the word come from?

English vampire comes from German Vampir, in turn from early Old Polish *vąper', in turn from Old Slavic *oper  or old church Slavonic opiri. ". The word Upir as a term for vampire is found for the first time in written form in 1047 in a letter to a Novgorodian prince referring to him as 'Upir Lichyj' (Wicked Vampire). Evidence suggests that an Upir was originally just a sort of psychopomp , a spirit which accompanies the soul of a dead person from the grave to the afterlife

Where do vampire come from?

Tales of Vampires come from nearly ever culture. Lilu were mentioned in early Bablyonian Demonology. These were female demons who roamed in darkness and killed newborn babies and pregnant women. One demon, Lilitu, was adapted into Jewish demonology. She is sometimes called the mother of all vampires. In Egyptian scriptures Sekhmet became full of blood lust after slaughtering humans. Slavic Folklore holds the idea of vampires being afraid of silver and drinking blood. and could be killed by staking the heart.

FolkLaw Beliefs.

Most European vampire myths have Slavic or Romanian origins.

Slavic vampires: were people born on certain days, born with a caul, teetj, or tail, had an irregular death or had improper burial rites. People put crucifix in the coffin, or staked the body. They could be destroyed by decapitation, holy water on the grave or staked .

Romanian Vampires:  Tales of vampires were found in the ancient roman times too. They are similiar to the slavic vampire (hence the countries being so close)They were called strigoi based on the greek term strix. (which meant demon or witch) Some are live witches who will become vampires after death. Strigoi morti (dead vampires) are corpses who drink blood. As in Slavic if someone was born with a caul, tail, died unantural death, died before baptism was doomed to become a vampire as was the 7th child of the same sex in a family also ebing bitten by one meant becoming a vampire. Many graves were open; 3 years after detah of child, 5 after death of young person or 7 after the death of an adult to check for vampirism. To sop a vampire they would stake it and put garlic in it's mouth orshoot a bullet through the coffin.

Roma vampires: Bhut or Pret is the soul of a man was died an untimely detah and wanders the earth attacking the living. In north india the BrahmarakShasa was a vampire like creature that had a head encircled by intestines and a skull that drank blood. Vetala and pishacha were other vampiric creatures. Kali is a deity assosiated with blood drinking who wears a garland of corpses or skulls and has fangs. Mullo (one who is dead) is a vampire legend that says the vamprie comes back to suck the blood of the person that caused their death. Anyone who looked hideous or had missing limbs was said to be a vampire. If someone died unseen he would bcome a vampire or if the corpse swelled before burial. Even pets, animals or ever food was said to become vampiric! There are such things as vampiric watermelons!Some people would hire a Dhampir (son of the vampire) to detect the vampire. Gypsys drove steel or iron nails into the corpses heart and placed stell on the eyes, mouth, ears and between the fingers. They drove hawthorn through the sock or leg of a corpse. Some believe vampires were invisable.

Greek beliefs: They believed the Lamia had the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a serpant and craved blood. Many folklores also feature vrykolakas. (synonymous with vampire)

Aztec mythology: Civataeo was a sort of vampire created when a noblewomen died in childbirth.

Caribbean vampires: called soucoyah take the form of an old woman by day and at night shed their skin to become balls of flame that seek blood. They were obsessive-compulsive. They believed they could kill them by rubbing salt into their discarded skin to burn them upon returning to it.

Indian mythology: They believe a spirit called the vetela is a wraithly vampire that can leave it's host body to feed.

Japan mythology: Kitsune is a vampiric shapeshifting fox spirit. It drains the life force of it's victims by charming them.

Phillipine folklore:  Manananggal was a female vampire whose upper body could seperate from the lower body and could fly using wings. she sucked the blood of fetuses. The Aswang was a female who was beautiful by day and a fearsome flying fiend at night.

Malaysian folklore: the Penanggalan was a vamprie whos head seperated from the body. The Pontianak was a female vampire who sucked the blood of newborn babies, young children and pregnant women.

It's hard to determine where the first vampire came from, which myth or legend.

In some books it comes up with a theory that could be right yet could be wrong there is now ay of proving it.

It is that during Early Ancient Egypt the King and Queen of a certain part were being haunted by a elemental ghost. (i.e: a bad spirit that can inflict pain and shapeshift) after being cursed by two witches. Noone could get rid of this ghost  so the king tookhis wife and locked himself and her in the room where the spirit was. Legend goes that there was an uprising against the king and a group burst in and attacked both king and queen. The Queen was killed but at the point of death the elemental ghost seeped into ehr body and reinanimated her corpse, changing the structure of her blood in seconds. The king lay dying and so she let him drin her blood in a hope it would save him too. It did and they became the first vampires.

This of course is only a story but it seemed to make more sense than alot of others.

Other theories

The Hormone Theory

 According to this theory, the vampire is the next step of human evolution. A genetic complex present inside our body but usually dormant get activated by a hormone brought in from an external source. The hormone transforms the victim's physical form and the new vampire will be able to inject the hormone into another victim.

The Fallen Angels Theory

 This theory inspired from the Books of Enoch claims that vampires are the offspring of the union between the Watchers (Fallen Angels) and humans.   When the Children of the Watchers had consumed all of the food available, they turned to mankind and began to eat their flesh and drink their blood.  In another adjunct, vampires are the offspring of the daughters of Eve (female humans) and the Angel of Death sent by God on Earth. Vampires have the mission to control and thwart the demonic offspring of the fallen angels. 

  The Nanobot Theory

Nanobots, created either by renegade scientists or a race of reptilians, were introduced into a handful of human bodies in order to repair damaged cells.  These nanobots performed so well that they rendered their hosts immortal.  However, the   Nanobots themselves are not immortal and must self-replicate by utilizing the iron atoms from the hemoglobin in the host's red blood cells.  The result of this nanoreplication process is the constant need for sufficient supplies of blood.  Unable to keep up with the demand, the host has no choice but to seek out blood from others.  If the colony of Nanobots exceeds the host's ability to supply sufficient RBCs, some nanobots may migrate into another host, usually the next victim of the primary host's bite.

The Atlantis Theory

The Atlantans, in their quest to prolong life, have conducted biological and genetic experiments which end result was a new human that could live for centuries but had to drink the blood of humans in order to survive. Vampires have escaped the Great Flood as the Atlantans, not satisfied with the results, had buried them in an underground crypt.

The Alien Vampire Theory

 Since H.G. Wells’ "The Flowering of the Strange Orchid" in 1894, there has been many writings and movies exploring the possibility of a space alien taking over a human body in order to live off the life energies of others. Those space aliens are some kind of parasites that control our mind and draw our vital forces. When they have exhausted the body, they look for a new host.  In another adjunct, vampires do not come from outter space but from another dimension.

Famous Vampires

  1. Dracula: Famous throuh Bram Strokes book and film.
  2. Lestat and Akasha: Famous through Anne rice's books, films, theatre etc.
  3. Lilith- First wife of adam but she left him for lucifer.

Where vampires may be in the world today.

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We do not change over time, there in lies the irony that finally kills us.