Modern Psychic Vampires

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Modern Psychic Vampires
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Psychic vampires are the modern day vamps.

What are they?
Psychic vampires are the NEW breed of vampire that has emerged from the previous blood drinkers. Our blood carries energy, which is why the vampire would drink blood to get the energy. But since we have learnt of our energy field (aura), the vampire can bypass the blood and go straight to the energy via the energy field.
Psychic vampires feed on energy, which is in and around your body. This is the energy that your body needs during the day to keep you healthy and active. They virtually "steal" this energy by a very simple method. It could be by a handshake, or even by sitting next to you at a bus stop.
We all have an energy field that surrounds us, which most people would refer to as an aura. This energy field extends past your physical body.
Psychic vampires know how to manipulate energy and are able to drain yours by leeching your aura and filling themselves up with your energy. This also enhances their own psychic abilities.
If a psychic vampire continues to feed from us for a long period of time, then unfortunately this makes us become very sick and depressed, possibly also causing fatal diseases such as cancer. Our bodies NEED the energy we create and gain to help our body heal and take care of itself. Once this energy has been taken, our bodies can no longer cope with the added pressure of maintaining ourselves with limited energy and bad things start to occur.
If a vampire feeds from us too much at one time, or over a long period of time, then sadly this can also lead to our deaths. I'm sure a few unexplained deaths have been the result of this.

Unusual attacks.
Psychic spirits and attacking.
Many people feel that the spirits of a psychic vampire has attacked them. These can be realtd to the Old Hag myth back in olden times.. Back then people complained they would wake up paralyzed and unable to breathe, with a witch or demon sitting on their chest. However many people today still recall similar experiences.
This is how Old Hag takes place.Upon going to sleep or waking up, a person is subject to becoming "paralyzed" and unable to move. Some people sense or can hear something coming or can already see a spectre or phantom in the room. There may also be strange sounds such as footsteps that slowly get closer to the bed. This phantom form then floats just above you and a great weight is felt to be pushing the life out of your chest. You may feel strangled and crushed. So crushed that you think you may be pushed through the bed.During this whole ordeal you are still paralyzed and only able to see with your eyes.
The presence that is just above you, sometimes with piercing red eyes, is felt as evil fby everyone who has ever experienced Old Hag.
You now either start to feel drained and tired, or simply fall asleep due to depleted energy. What has happened here? Was it all a dream? Did that really happen? What was it? The answer is you were just attacked by a vampire.
This is either a vampire spirit from a once living psychic vampire (now dead).To protect yourself use Amethyst and Aventurine. If you go to a crystal shop and buy these two stones, it should help you greatly with your Old Hag problem.
For some reason psychic vampire spirits cannot enter premises containing amethyst and aventurine. It blinds them of their senses.

Astral Vampirism
Is similiar to the Old Hag theory. However these are actually living vampires. Let me explain.
When we sleep we have an astral body that hovers above our physical body (just a few cm) to recharge our energy. Psychic Vampires can get so powerful that they can leave their body in their astral form and float into other peoples rooms whilst they're sleeping to drain their astral form. Again the only way to protect yourself is using certain precautions.

Signs of someone being a psychic vampire
1.They have extremely sensitive eyes and do not like much direct sunlight.
2.May burn easy in the sunlight.
3.They have some kind of psychic ability.
4.Some days they are moody and hostile.
5.Move towards an alternate religion.
6.Can sense others like them (but do not interact much with their own kind).
7.Have trouble eating gassy foods, dairy products and citric drinks such as orange juice.
8.Their own energy levels seem to bounce; one minute they want to go out and do something active, the next they want to sit around or sleep.
9.They keep telling you bad things that have happened in their life (to make you feel sorry for them and then feed on your emotional energy)
10.Unpredictable, moody, temperamental, overwhelming, intense.
11.They say they have some kind of magical ability although nothing concrete is normally proven.
12.They like to be the leader of a group although says they aren't and hide behind someone who is easy to manipulate.
13.They give you small gifts all the time
14.They show deep powerful emotions.
15.They are often loners, because they feel different from those around them, and because they have to control the amount of contact they have with sources of energy.
(Disturbing thing is i show these symptoms. ^_^;)
Theres also the obvious ones such as if you suddenly feel tired for no reason or if you're sat on a bench and someone sits next to you then after a few minutes they get up and leave and you suddenly feel disorietated, confused, headachey, tired, weak...

Abilities of the psychic vampire

Psi-Vampires are able to scan each individual and find out what sort of person they are. They are able to look and feel one's aura/energy while keeping a mental record in their minds of what aura belongs to what kind of person. Psi-Vampires are also able to scan someone and find out if this person is another vampire and how powerful this vampire is. (Although a lot of them already sense the other vampire without having to scan them). When the vampires need to feed, they will also scan various people for the right emotion that they would like to feed on. If they are nice enough, they will feed from an angry person because this is excess energy overflowing and can be easily skimmed or siphoned off by the vampire. This is also good for the angry person because since the anger has been fed from and taken, this person becomes calm and more relaxed.

This ability allows them to persuade you through empathy. Example - if the vampire has done something wrong and you see them doing it, or if they are noticed feeding on someone, then they stand close enough to be inside your energy field and scan you. It is important for them to look directly into your eyes and speak in a soft and low monotone, almost as though they are consoling you through a problem. They might put their hand on your shoulder and make the link and impact stronger…soon enough you have forgotten what you have seen and walk away. Mesmerism can be used for different methods, depending on what the vampire has in mind.

Awareness flipping
Awareness flipping is being able to see from a slightly different point of view to where they are at the time. It's like going from a first person point of view, to a third person view. When they flip their awareness, it is said to be possible to even see behind them, but this is more of a self-defense ability when threatened or in danger, so they can see what danger lurks around them. This ability is mostly first experienced by accident when the vampire has been grabbed from behind.

When a vampire feeds, they must shield themselves from any energy or emotion they do not want to feel. If the vampire is feeding from someone who is angry and depressed, the last thing this vampire wants is to be left feeling angry and depressed also. Shielding is building up their aura or energy field, which can filter through the flow of energy being leeched. Shielding can also protect against other psi vampires who are trying to attack or feed from them. Empathic vampires, who are a slightly different breed, can tune into the aura and break through the shield, so it's important for a vampire to also keep tuning their aura.

Increased strength
Since vampires are able to control the energy in and around their bodies, they are able to boost their strength. This is also a natural defense if attacked or threatened. The energy that is released and surges through their body boosts their strength to double or more.

Increased sight
Another added bonus for the vampire is increased sight, should they need it. They are able to read street signs etc. from a greater distance. A vampire's eyesight can also have a night vision ability to it, but this also depends on the breed of vampire. A Psi-vampire has slight to moderate night vision.

Astral feeding and Dream walking
With dream walking, they are able to travel to you in their astral or "spirit" body and enter your dreams and manipulate them to their will. If they want, they can also feed from you using their astral body, which is known as old hag or a hag attack.

Wearing copper, such as a copper ring, can boost a vampire's feeding ability. They are able to feed on those around them a little easier if they are wearing copper, whereas silver is the opposite because it is an inhibiter and is used to help stop the flow of energy.

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