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My B-day Party XP!!!^-^
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You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you shouldn't be here looking!

Loz and Becky.
AKA: Elf and my grim reaper friend... lmao ok becs only called elf coz she was small in yr 7 (but she's grown now YEY) and when i first saw loz i could imagine her wearing a huge black cape and killing people with a scythe.... psh thats normal... right....???? o_0 *shiftyeyes*
You two rock ok!... you know you do you're just in denial ^-^
 loz is very smart... sometimes when she wants to be ^-^ she's way too thin! BE FAT SO THEN I WON'T FEEL SO RARANOID! XD and she's very sporty and good at it but she hates photo's grrr thats why no-one has alot of her ^_^;
Becky is very nosy but it's great sometimes to catch up on all the gossip and she likes to get involved with lots of things which is good. ^-^ and she's funny and great! :D

There a rare sight at the top! an actualy pic of loz!!!!!!!! she won't mind having it on here.. i hope...*gets ready ro run incase she does*
DANCE! ^_~

Jade 'n' Stella
SQUEE!!! ^_^
Jade: I'm her helpful auntie herbie! I can talk to jade about alot of things and she tells me alot of stuff too and she keeps it secret... i think o.o; and she rocks! She's the only person that will dance randomly when i say it (see there ARE others out there you people!) and she randomly dances and acts like a lil kid alot which is c00t ^-^ LUFF WU JADE
Stell: is cool and rocks my socks! sometimes she scares me (especially the gentleman face omg O.O) she's my tumbleweed friend... because tumbleweeds are taking over! and i see her every weekdaymorning... YEY! and we all have alotta lessons together... kinda..... ok maybe only a few but sssh!  Stell also rocks coz shes smexy and she likes Queen so thats gotta be good. WUFF WU TOOO STELL

Lava Lamp, Bubbling
Everyone else!
This is for all the other randomers. I would make seperate things for everone but i'm a bit lazy XD. (as most of you know.. i'd probably be late to my own funeral)
Tenj: is cool ^-^ she has funky hair. Shut the door ;) slam the door closed!
Vicky: YOU OWE ME 20 BUCKS! woah-oh i don't like mondays ^_~ hehehe don't worry you're not on my kill list. Vicky's fun to scare =P
Lucy sp: IS MY MOOSEY! be one with the wood and the world. INSANITY ROCKS! VOTE MONSTER RAVING LOONY XD XD XD
Sho: god i think i speklt her name wrong but she'll forgive me coz... SHE'S MY FELLOW TORI AMOS BUDDY FAN! LONG LIVE THE ORANGE KNICKERS! she's also fantastic at drawing ^_^
Jasmin: Is very very very intelligent ^-^
poodlepants: has great ideas ^_^ especially for torturing w00t!
Cara: is cool coz she likes leo di caprio.
Rachel s: has odd hair (in a good way) and is very intelligent to ^-^
claire: known for ages now! she's very smartbut her sister is evil EVUL I TELL U EVIL DEMON OF SATAM
charlotte: THE BUDDAH!!!!!!!! ^-^ AND HAMSTER MAN!
Stef: CRISP LADY!!!!!!! *pounces and huggles* my crisp supplier for when i'm in dire need and near peril. She's also my fellow GW fan ^-^
Kirsten: KIWI MY TWIN! well not literally... coz that'd be weird.. o_0 wow i've forgotten some of our inside jokes *slaps head* but she ROCKS MY STRIPY RED AND BLACK SOCKS!
heather and emily: sisters, both sexy and both ROCK MY PINK AND BLACK SKULL STRIPY SOCKS! They both think i rock too (must be crazy!) and i've known them for over a year now woah.. @_@
Markus: MACE IS...well WAS a great friend for me and comforted me outta suicide alot. then he left ='( ONE DAY I SHALL REFIND HIM.
Shane: is different to markus but he comforts me too and we're married ... apparently.. o.0 he's a vampire d00d W00T
Shawn: dreamer; he rocks alot. He's kinda shyish but he';s had a b/f SQUEEE! ^.^
Robin: Master of the skateboarding chicken and hero of time!
Vincent: nicky!!!!!!! lmao never called u that before omg you'll probably freak out at me now hahaha POCKY NINJA WITH THE GREAT COMIC! send me a picture of you again! (he comforts me kinda... by making me cry, scream, rant and rave at him ntil i realise he was right all along)
Sam: I've known him for over a year now too and he's cool ^_^ he has great ideas (which he also steals from me hehehe) and he doesn't really help me too much but it's nice to know he's there if i ever needed him. He also gives me guy advice.
Kat: katsu! sam's g/f and she's talented writer and funny to talk to even if she does scare me slightly.
Scott: AKA ghost SQUEEE! ^.^ COME TO THE UK AND GO TO AFFLECKS! and yes i do have your soul and your first unborn child and u better believe it! XD WILL RETURN AND THE COUNSIL SHALL ONCEMORE BE REUNITED!
Michelle: Mike's sister..... Yo you SERIOUSLY scare me.... no offense you're great but.. I DON'T WANNA KNOW ABOUT YOUR SEX LIFE! >______< especially not the lesbian bits or anything to do with mike ewww!!!!
jason: scotts bro and super smart computer dude but i'm sorry i'm not marrying you now XD i have mike ^-^;
If theres anyone i missed please tell me and i may add you i like you ^-^