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About Me

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

Hello. I am Taeno Dowr Ghelan. Ok thats not my real name but sssshhhh there could be peverts here.... apart from me. so i'm taeno aka toriana_n aka linky aka strange little girl aka darksprite
So yeah me. I'm Bexs, i'm 16ish i hope.... o_0 unless i've skipped a year when i was sleeping 0.o  woah omg legal... TO BUY A LOTTERY TICKET (i did get one... didn't win bastard)
I luff....gothic stuff...ALOT well even more than ALOT but alot seemed a big word. *nod*
Umm i have family..kinda... I don't have a dad.. well i do but he left and he's an asshole so yeah... I have a halfbro called danny's who's cute but still likes pokemon (bit worrying now) and my mum's ok (barmy but ok) my gran ticks me off way too much and my grandad's fine when he's in a good mood. (rarely)
Hmm... I like drawing, shopping sometimes (especially for gothicy stuff and clothes) listening to music (<3TORI AMOS<3) and chatting to my friends, irl or online. and i'm into witchcraft and the paranormal.

Stuart Townsend (as vampire definately)
Billy Martin from Good Charlotte
River Phoenix (RIP)
Leonardo Di Caprio
Tom cruise (as lestat definately)
i still think my ex ex was kinda hot... lmao no-one else agrees do they?
johnny depp could be in his own way. XD
Gerard way(from my chemical romance)
The guy in the crow (something Lee?)


Favorite Quotes

These are some of my Fav quotes, Lyrics etc

Fav. Interview with the vampire quotes:
Evil Is a point of view. God Kills indiscriminately and so shall I for no creatures under god are we, none so like him as ourselves.
The world changes, we do not. There lies the irony that finally kills us.
Fav.Anne Rice quote:
We're frightened of what makes us different.
Fav Queen of the damned quotes:
You must know we do not change over time. We are as flowers unfolding, We become more nearly ourselves.
we are all alone in this world, and there is nothing but the cold dark wasteland of eternity.
Living in the shadows, feeding in the darkness, with your own company to keep rots into a solitary hollow exsistance. Eternity seems like a good idea until yourealise you're going to spend it alone.
Fav The vampire Lestat quotes:
Even when we die we probably don't find out the answer as to why we were ever alive.
Maybe my strength would have increased as it would have done with time if i'd of never been hurt.
God, that our immortal bodies could be such varied prisons for us that our immortal faces should be such masks for our true souls.
Fav Tori Amos Lyrics
Thought she deserved nothing less than she'd give well happy birthday her bloods on my hands and it's kind of a shame coz i did like that dress.
Can't forget the things you never said.
she must be worth loosing if it is worth something.
and a veil of tears and rages till her voices are remembered and his secrets can be told.
is your place in heaven worth giving up these kisses....
I neverw as the fantasy of what you wanted, wanted me to be.
if you love enough, you'll lie alot.
he can see no reasons coz their are no reasons what reasons do you need to die?
Love was your great disappointment
my scream got lost in a paper cup, you think theres a heaven where the screams have gone?
Years go by will i sitll be waiting for somebody else to understad, years go by if i'm stripped of my beauty and the orange clouds raining in my hand, years go by will i chokeon my tears until finally there is nothign left?
I guess that i miss you, i guess i forgive you, i'm glad that you stood in my way.
thanks for the trouble you took from her eyes i thoughtit was there for good so i never tried.
you could almost drown her waterfall.
well i found the secret to life, i found the scret to life, i'm okay when everythings not okay.
shame shame time to leave me now, shame shame you've had your fun, shame shame for letting me think that i would be the one.
this little pill in my hand that keeps the pain laughing.
Is that all i am just a doll you get use to?
Fav hawthorne heights lyrics:
so slit my wrist and black my eyes so i can fall asleep tonight because you kill em you know you do you kill me well.
That single silver bullet shot right through my heart to prove i can't survive without you.
wake up now it's over just tell me it's ok to die.
just stand back and let jer die slowly, don't cry, she didn't love you anyway, dissolve and decay theres nothing left for me just try to make it out alive, alive means your blood is flowing.
spare me just 3 last words,i love you is all she heard.
Fav My chemical romance lyrics:
singing songs that make you slit your wrists it isn't that much fun staring down a loaded gun so i won't sotp dying won't sotp lying if you want i'l keep on crying did you get what you deserve? is this what you always want me for?
can we pretend to leave and then we'll meet again when both our cars collide.
I'm ok.. i'm OK i'm ok now i'm ok well you got believe me because i'm telling you the truth i mean this i'm OK trust me i'm NOT ok i'm not O-FUCKING k
Love is the red rose on your coffin door.
Give me all your poison give me all your pills give me all your hopless hears t make me ill, you're running after something that you'll never kill if this is what you want then fire at will.
Fav random lyrics
You could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath i'd appologise for bleeding on your shirt.
lets live up to your first ipression my best side was your worst invention.
Fear is how i fall, confusing what is real.
All i want to do is be more like me and be less like you.
Don't waste your time on me you're alread the voice inside my head (i miss u)
please just don't play with me my paper heart will bleed, this wait for destiny won't do, be with me please i beseech you, simple things that make you run away catch u if i can.
Best friends means i pulled the trigger best friends means you get what u deserve.
all i know i'll never know
hoping for the best just hoping nothing happens thousand clever lines unread on clever napkins i will never ask if you don't ever tell me i know you well enough to know u never loved me.
Do you think it's cool to walk rigth up and take my life and fuck it up?
no mommy don't do it again, don't do it again i'll be a good boy, i'll be a good boy i pwomise no mummy don't hit me OW why do you have to hit me like that don't mommy  you're hurting me OWWW why'd ya have to be such a bitch? why don't you, why don't u fuck off and die? why cna';t u just fuck off and die? why can't u just leave me here and die never stick your hand in my face again bitch FUCK U my only wish... you stupid sadistic abusive fucking whore, how do wanna see how it feels mummy?! here it comes get ready to DIE!

Favorite Stuff

All The Things That I Like:

Favorite TV Show: (i like alot) atm; most haunted
Favorite Movie: the crow
Favorite Music: Emo/rocky/gothy
Favorite Book: The anne rice vampire books.
Favorite band: H.I,M(then my chemical romance ))
Favourite soloist: Tori amos <3
Favorite Food: Chinese food
People I Most Admire: Tori Amos

Words to describe myself and what i'm like

  • Sarcastic (i can be WAY too sarcastic at time)
  • Over emotional (everyone who truely knows me know this)
  • Jealous (i get jealous sometimes)
  • Evil (so people keep calling me >_>)
  • Sensitive (i react badly to things)
  • Reserved/quiet/shy (maybe antisocial really)
  • depressive (i get suicidal if my life isn't under my control)
  • Strange (odd sense of humour, music taste and dress sense)
  • Romantic (I get lonely in love movies and always dream of romantic places with roses and everything being perfect... sad ain't it?)
  • Slightly blonde (i have blonde moments sometimes where i can say soething without realise how stupid i sound or how obviously wrong it is)
  • Obsessive (...i don't have tori amos art all over my wall *shiftyeyes*)
  • incapable (of dealing with situations on my own.. i usually break down and cry >_>)
  • Pathetic (because of the above reason)
  • Too nice for my own good (i don't know if i could hurt someone intentionally and i always try and act nice to people even if i hate them)
  • Regretful (yeah thats a word; i regret too much and live in the past as nick likes to rant at me about ^_^; )
  • Easily amused (I find way too any things funny sometimes o_o; )
  • confused (confusion confuddles me)
  • scary (some people find my eyes scary >_> v_v)
  • Too forgiving (i can forgive people when i shouldn't >_<)
  • Crazy (when i get hyper i come out with too much random shit >_<)
  • caring (i'm a good listener and try to give advice when i can)