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My Philosophy

What I believe in:
Vampires: they got to exists... they just gotta!
magic:  this soudns odd but i do believe this coz everytime i've cursed anyone siomething has happened way too many times for it to be coincidence.
God: Yeha yeah I know.... it's not the god that christians believe in though. It's the whole phase of god and the devil . I believe at the moment that this is hell and that after we die we either go to heaven, the next place or we come back to this hell all over again.
ghosts: i've seen some... yeah ok call me crazy whatever but i have. I know margrets watching me right now typing this, i can sense her there, the roms gone cold. They do exists.
Messages from heaven: Feathers are messages from heaven. Everytime someone dies i find a feather.
Love: many people say love doesn't exsist. I believe it does if you believe in it yourself. It comes from deep within you, you just gotta let it be realsed.... but not too much, you don't wanna suddenly end up screwing someone and getting pregnant. I mean love like you just know their the one and you don't care about anyone else. You won't rush into it, you won't go around screwing or doing stuff to other people like some common slut/whore/bitch thing. You'll only have room for once person in your heart. I know i'm one of those people who is looking for the 'one'...(and yeah i know then after theres the two and the three) but i really do believe in the 'one' so i'm refusing to do anything with anyone unless i really love them and i'm going out with them. True love isn't holding hands... it's holding hearts.
Everyone is equal: coz it's true.
Never trusting anyone: ever those you love may turn against you.


The only way to have a friend is to be a friend
- scooter
It's nice to be important but more important to be nice- scoooter
if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, riddle them with bullets- unknown.
if going to church makes you a christian does goin to the garage make you a car? -unknown =P
whats popular is not always right, whats right is not always popular- unknown.
I don't believe in anything, that makes me stronger than you think.- quote from a vamp book.
Kiss me but once and in that space supreme my whole dark life shall quivere to an end. - (i forgot)
The roses of white are sere, all faded arethe roses of red, the one who loves me is not here and the one that i love is dead- (Peyton Van Rensselaer)
I LUV U is 8 letters.... so is BULLSHIT- unknown
Crying is my way of laughing at you for hating me so much.- unknown
It';s ok to kiss a fool, it's ok to be kissed by a fool but don't ever let a kiss fool you. - unknown.
People who cease to believe in god or goodness still believe in the devil. I don't know why. No, I do indeed known why it's because evil is always possible and goodness is eternally difficult.- Anne Rice
To really ask is to open the door to the whirlwind. The answer may annihilate the question and the questioner.- Anne Rice.
We're frightened of what makes us different- Anne Rice.
the truth is, laughter always sounds more perfect than weeping. Laughter flows in a violent raff and is effortlessly melodic. Weeping is often fought, choked, half strangled or surrendered to with humiliation.- Anne Rice.
Merciful death, how you love your precious guilt.-interview with the vampire
Your evil is that you cannot be evil and that i must suffer for it!- Claudia (IWV)
You reflect age differently, you reflect it's broken heart- IWV,
Old truths and ancient magic, revolutions and inventions, all conspire to distract us from the passion that in one way or another dafeats us all.- lestat
My greatest sin has always been i have a wonderful time being myself.- lestat.
Fashion is everything, even atheism is a fashion, -The Vampire Lestat.
We are only human for however long we endure. That was the miracle and curse of it.- QOTD
maybe there would be no war, no rape and no violence if all beings were little and had little dreams- QOTD
we don't change we become ever closer to the perfection of what we were meant to be- QOTD.
history is built on errors- QOTD
We would be hard put to determine what was more evil. Religion or the pure idea! the intervention of the supernatural or the elegant simple abstract solution! Both have bathed this earth with suffering; both have brought man literally and figuratively to it's knees.- QOTD
We must wrestle forever with those questions, how the simple solutions was not what we always wanted but what we must always fear. - qotd.

Things i've said that haven't come out quite right... (and bad typos XP)
*mum's b/f driving car through a mountain place and suddenly the mist around turns a weird purpley colour* me: AHH WE'RE BEING ADOPTED BY ALIENS!!!!!!
(i meant abducted.... my mum won't let me live it down)

*heather and mines convo about me marrying her and her sister*

heather:ooh ooh you and em are wife and wife too

me:yes yes

heather:yes indeed

me:but i cna't have a baby to you both it'dbe like incense X.x

(meant incest)

*talking about heather dream she had about having one tit* O.o
heather: I only had one tit!
me: O.O who had the other one?
heather: and i was running around showing people syaing "is this normal?!"
Me: lmao!! I STOLE IT! because i'm your personal pervert!!!
heather: 0-o I KNEW IT!!! you did???!! LOLLOLLOL
me: *gives it back* ^_^
heather; *puts it back on*
me: flasher XD
heather: *pop*
me: O_O!!
heather: wait it screws on ^-^ *screw screw screw*
me: *screws tit on* ....O.O >_< ....ewwwwwwww *washes mind*
heather: leave plenty of bubbles there!
me: if i leave water in it might freez.e. then i'll get brain freeze! but onyl smart people get brain freeze with means.. EINSTEIN WAS A PERVERT!!!
heather: YES IT MAKES SENSE!!!
me: Einstein molestered my unorn children
heather: wow that'd make a gerat childrens bedtime story.
*mine and heathers convo on msn. I had a a rash on my chest*
me: ahh it burns! *puts rock down top* much cooler... now i look like i have 3 tits!!! and it's bigger than mine wahhh!!!!
heather: awwww... I knew a woman who had 3 tits.
me: O_O;;;!!!! WHAT?
heather: she had it growing under her armpit.
Me: LMAO!!! AWWW!!!
heather: yeah imagine the bra fitting for that... you'd have to get a specially made bra
me: "can i have 2 32a's and a 38 double J" XP
heather: lol!!
me: wow it's like the plague but so much more kinkier!!
heather: lmao!!
*Mace came online to tell me goodbye because he's got OCD and can't talk to me anymore but it ended up more funny than sad parting*
*just finished telling him about adrian*
mace: he's an ass dump him.
me: No i love him... he may be an ass but he's my ass!!! wait that came out wrong... i'm dating my ass?!!!!
mace: i'd screw that ass...
me: YOU WANA SCREW MY B/F?!!!! EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mace: LMAO XD NOO!!!!!
I'm going to a weeding! (meant wedding damned typos)
*in car driving along road* Goddammit why can't the counsil use money to put holes in the road!!!!
(i meant fill them)
Wearing spots makes me happy ^_^ (i meant wearing makeup)
Just squeeeze it hard and it'll be ok! (telling tenji to squeeze her blazer when alice was playing her horn but it came out wrong.)
*convo with vincent*
Me: I always get sick i catch anything and everythong thats about
vince: ??!!!
vince: sickness is nothing compared to pain
me: ....and thongs XP
*later convo*
me: heya! where ya been?
vince: trapped in the deepest darkest pit in the world
me: iraq?
vince: lol no.
vince: a REAL ONE?! or online one?
me: a real one ^______________________^
vince: OMG THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!!! i'm happy for you and i have to say this...
me: you're always right DAMN U!
(mine ands heathers convo.. on my pokemon colleciton XD yes it sad lmao)
Bexs: and loads of poke coins
heather: hehehe
Bexs: and those dicks you got in crisps
heather: !!!!!!!!! what?!! O_o
bexs: I MEANT DISKS!!!!! >_<

Tumbleweed Theory!

a tumbleweed.... so cute... so innoncent.... but are they really?

you can imagine it... rolling along, minding it;s own buisness... or so you think.... when suddenly it turns and rolls towards you screaming HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG over and overin some sort of manic chanting! You run but no matter what you do it follows endlessly until you die! Then it devours your flesh and rolls on back to it's normal home...


well of course there no proof of this... or is there?


or it is in disguise!

How did it get that big? FROM FLESH! FLESH I TELL YOU!

also where to tumbleweeds go to? where do they roll? in movies it's from right to left most time (unless you get the rebel one which rolls the opposite way)

They must all roll in one direction and then all meet up and form...


or all fall into the grandcanyon and block it up so it's not a canyon anymore but sssh.

And if that parts true they're probably little emo tumbleweeds or gothy types ones who wish to commit suicide coz their g/f or b/f just left them.. awww are't they sweet?

We have also come up with the conclusion that they wear '118' headbands, hum the themetune and their leader is none other than harrison ford dressed as indiana jones AND HE'S ONE SEXY PEICE OF OLD MAN'S ASS! XD

also emo's are tumbleweeds in human form... it's so obvious!


The tumbleweed is a consipracy to overthrow the world! Even now as a i speak... uhh type... they're forming into one giant army of huge tumbleweeds set to crush and impale us all!

 even  back in the ancient days of black and white photos tumbleweeds were caught on a regular march armed with brushes and other weapons!

But what really is a tumbleweed? does it feed often? does it sleep? are there... IMPOSTERS?  <WANNABE TUMBLEWEEDS

and where are they? could they be in the grand ccanyon? or... HIDDEN UNDER ROCKS?  or wood!

They even change colour to suit surroundings!

Even robots won't be a match against them!

So the tumbleweeds are going to take over and theres nothing we ccan do to stop them! They're indestructable!



They form in odd places..... and BREAK OUT!

pouncing upon unsuspecting victims in their thousands.

They swarm into the cities, taking over all the large companies!

Travel down roads, mercilessly stopping cars

 and then end up in your own backyards....!!!!

We must run! save ourselves! or die trying....


No tumbleweed was harmed in the making of this document however the companies, co star and a chair were badly injured and the director was taken to hospital with a serious splinter which could prove fatal.

Do you agree or disagree with my beliefs and opinions? I'd love to hear from you. Check out my "Contact Me" page to send me e-mail.